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TDG Interactive Online Training

ICC has been helping companies comply with Dangerous Goods Regulations for over 25 years and we are proud to extend our training services through the internet.

Our comprehensive interactive online training courses lower your operating costs and enable employees to learn anytime and anywhere.

When using ICC's online training system you receive these benefits:

  • No travel costs of trainees and instructors
  • No time away from the company's core activities
  • Trainees learn at their own pace, at an opportune time
  • The subject matter is taught the same way to all trainees
  • Trainee status and statistics easily available to supervisor
  • Training certificate issued upon successful completion
  • Up-to-date reference at all times

    Length: ~4 hours
    Ground transportation of dangerous goods
    is the most common way of shipping dangerous goods. Canadian regulations require shippers, carriers and handlers to meet strict requirements. Some of these requirements also apply to sea, air or in transit shipments.There are a variety of special cases, exemptions or exceptions. How does one manage it all?

Introducing the Seven Steps to Compliance

  • ICC has devised a training method to help you ship dangerous goods. The course has been prepared using the "7 Steps to Compliance" concept.
  • The first section introduces and outlines the basic responsibilities under the TDG regulations.
  • Each subsequent section is one step of the seven step process.
  • The last module deals with "Special Cases."

The modules contained in the course are:

  • Regulatory Background and Structure
  • Step 1 - Classification and Identification
  • Step 2 - Packaging
  • Step 3 - Marking and Labelling
  • Step 4 - Documentation
  • Step 5 - Placarding
  • Step 6 - Loading
  • Step 7 - Reporting
  • Special Cases

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You will need a copy of the regulations to complete this class. Please contact ICC The Compliance Center at 888-977-4834 in Canada or 888-442-9628 in the USA to order a copy

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